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I always like to give feedback, sad to say this one is not one of those times.

I scheduled an appointment for Thursday, March 10, 2013, I called that morning to make sure everything was a "go". They could not find my name anywhere and the girl who answered the phone was "dazed and confused". I had a deadline to make to get new pictures done for my agent and I also needed them for my marketing business. We scheduled Saturday at 9:00 am, I was charged $35, I would lose it if I did not cancel within 72 hours. Today, Saturday the 12th of March at 8:28 am, when I was 2 minutes away, I received a phone call that they had to call, unfortunately, one of there photographers had a death in the family. I said I am very sorry and please pass on my sympathy. I then said you only have one photographer, she did not answer right away and then started to stutter, ugh he is on vacation, Glamour Shots can not bring in another one. She then gave me a new appointment of next Thursday, are you kidding me, what happened to my dead line. She might me groggier then *** and not care about her job, however I take my responsible seriously. Thank God I found another Photographer. Sure I am so sorry for the death of the photographer's family member. However, for a Company like Glamour Shots cancelling all appointments on s Saturday right before Easter is definitely poor management. Since they cancelled I want my $35 back immediately as in Monday, I want no excuses. I contacted Groupon and told them the entire story and they refunded the money I paid to Groupon for Glamour. I keep my pulse on businesses, no matter how you look at it, this terrible move of cancelling all appointments today lowered your company more. You need to hire employees and managers who don't care about their jobs and hire good people or hire a Consultant who can provide better training, coaching/mentoring and who has a background in HR who knows how to put employees and managers on a 60 day letter and if there is no improvement give them the option of quitting or fire them. This Consultant could show positive changes within a months time. If you want more want more information you can call me directly at 571-268-1180.

Mary Thompson Hepler

This reviewer shared experience about "scheduling issues and cancelling issues" and wants this business to issue a full refund. mthompson45 is overall dissatisfied with Glamour Shots. The most disappointing about glamour shots customer care at Glamour Shots was front desk Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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