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Well first off the only thing that I was pleased about was my hair and make up. She did an amazing job.

The photographer seamed rushed and not interested. Then it came time to order. What we ordered and recieved were completely different. We purchased the rights to 4 of them and they did not edit them at all.

I called Katie ( at the AZ Mills location) and told them of the issues. The remailed me the same thing as the fist time. I called back and walked them through set by set of what we wanted corrected. They sent the prints edited but never the ones on the CD.

SO I have no way to make copies of the edited photos that I paid for. I called them and spoke to Sarah who is the corporate manager (so she says) I told her i was disputing the charge though the bank and she said she would send out the correct material and a box to send back the ones that were not correct. I was also told I would get a $200 credit that I could use to apply to any order past or future. They declined the dispute stating that I received the correct images.

The same week in the mail I received a CD from them. Hoping these were my photos, I popped it in the computer and upon loading I discovered they were not mine. They were someone elses intimate photos.

If I were this person I would be pissed that photos of me in my underwear were sent out to someone else. To top it off the photos were supposed to be for my 10 year wedding vow renewal and we weren't even able to use them.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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Why would they have even wanted you to send back the rejected photos? What are they going to do with them?

They make no sense and obviously need to get their s.h.i.t together. I would still fight them on the CC charge and I would file a complaint with the BBB and I would contact Corporate.

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