I recently went to Glamour Shots for my wedding pictures. Although they were pricey they were well worth there price.

You cannot get there quality from a typical picture or camera. All blemishes were gone. My husband and I looked like a million bucks and that's exactly how we wanted to look on our special day. I can understand why customers can get upset and overwhelmed when given there prices but consumers need to realize what the are paying for.

This is not a place to go to if you are just looking for regular pictures of yourself and family. This is a place to go to so you can be flawless.

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I dont know about it being well worth the price, but the photos are really nice.

My question is, if you knew that you couldn't afford these prices why pay for them in the first place and then complain when you knew you couldn't afford it?


Recently visited Mall of America as a Christmas gift to my Grandaugthters. We had made appt.

at 7pm with Glamor Shots. I told them when we arrived what the budget was. I was told that was not a problem, they had the pkg that would give me all of the items I wanted within my budgtet. We left the store at midnight!!

1st I was shown a pkg of 17 photos (total) 5 horribly large wall photos, dve and cd. $800.00. 2 girls, 17 total photos, 5 wall photos????? I am not a math whiz but I do get that that is not going to divide evenly????

So, A better deal on the table.. 20 photos 5 wall photos and a coullage, cd and dvd. $1200.00..No a better deal yet.. The Model Pkg.

35 photos each, 2 coullage, business comp cards with 5 photos, and stats. and calander with their photo in the center, cd and dvd. $3000.00

This included hair, makeup and specialized photos that they took( on their own) but would be "cover" material. Yeah,I know, No one forced me at gun point to write that check, no one made me decide to take that offer.

However, what happened to me was Emotional kidnapping, sales brainwashing, herendous pressure and of course playing on my maternal/grand maternal instinct.I am angry at myself for falling victim to this scam. I am angrier yet when I see all the comments on this website with the same complaint... What can be done about this kind of Robbery?? Reporting to the Atty, General of the states in which this company does business?

Reporting them to BBB or State Bureau of Investigation. I will get over this, I will eventually recover the loss, however, that new mother, college grad, the next proud grandmother...

will they get caught in this trap, will their hard earned money be stolen out of their pockets?? Lets Report!!!


Please do not judge all locations by these reviews. The problem is with apparently with individual locations.

Not every location is the same. I have been to the location in Louisville, KY and received great portraits at a fair price and would highly recommend it to my friends :)

Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany #218318

Our Flawless GlamourTouch is adobe base software. We remove the detail in your face by a stamp tool then blur your skin.

I have notice we take too much out of people making them look fake.

We won’t say anything unless you complain but we won’t give up without telling you otherwise. Every photo studio does this but GS tries to sell you something that should already be in the photos.

Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany #218311

I work for GlamourShots. We do rip people off.

We tell everyone our Glamour touch ("Adobe Photoshop retouching") is sent to a lab, but we do it in the store. We retouch quick at the store to save money. Think about that when they tell you there is a handling fee especially for CD images. The employs are paid an hourly low wage or commission whichever is higher.

This might explain the high pressure sales. We have a (Three day special) for seven dollars which has been up for a year, but if you ask when it started we will lie and tell you it started today. If you call up GlamourShots they will tell you there hair and makeup is 19.95 or 29.95 but if you walk to the store you will see the (Seven dollar) sign for hair and makeup, and they will do their best not to let you know about this special. One more thing about the seven dolor sign, we say hair and makeup with the photo session is normally 30 to 40 dollars and you can get all that for seven but that is a lie.

GS does not charge for a photo-session. Our photographs come from a low megapixel camera that is blown up beyond its compatibility which softens the image and looses sharpness. Look at an 8x10 then compare it to the larger size displays. The wall displays are photos glued to foam board framed without glass.

That means it will eventually peal with the dust/sun destroying your photograph, so think about that when you pay 1,200 for your 30x40 or 460. For your 20x24, quality is not what you are paying for. GS has a Credit Card application they try to make you fill out so you can spend a 1000 on your images. When you give them your credit information they check if you’re qualified they will run it through the computer.

If you are not qualified this will impact your credit history. For all the people who want to come for a single photo or two go somewhere else. We will keep you over three hours to make sure we get as many photos of you as possible and then tell you this is your only chance to get these images. If you must have them wait two weeks and they will sell them to you all your images 500 or less.

We always have specials. They do a telemarketing call called the Wall of Fame.

This will give you all your images and a wall display you will purchase at a lower price than the actual price breaks they gave you the day of the session. In the end if there was an image that you must have I’m sure if you gave one of the employs 20 dollars they would be more than happy to give you all the images.


Yep. Had to be a fake review.

Why would a photo studio not offer regular photos at an affordable price? We didn't go in looking to have photos airbrushed or elegant photos, just some cute pics of our baby to keep. We took our own props and expected the 17 photos for $17. Yah, 17 pic alright...if you look at them with a magnifying glass!!!

Who carrys glamour wallet pics?! Well, I guess we will. We left having spent $187.00 for a few to put on the wall. NOT worth it.

If you're going to spend that kind of money you should at least get a disk with the photos, but that's additional...over $600.00!!!!! I should have known when they called wanting a $20 deposit for a $17 session. To top it off we got a phone call today. It appears there was one more gimmick up their sleeve...their manager came in and looked over the pics they recently took.

Our little girl's pic, no surprise :-D, was selected to be enlarged and displayed at their store! Imagine the luck that the ones they selected for possible display were the three that WE selected for our order! And they were willing to make us a deal...after the 30 day display we could purchase the 20x24 and 20x16 photos of our daughter, used for their promotion, for the discounted price of...over $200.00!! AND we could they would give us 2 other shots on a disk where we would have full rights to the pic!!

WHAT A LOAD OF C%aP!!! Thanks but no thanks.

They can display the pics but they can eat the "cost" of making that pic (which we undoubtedly paid for over and again by our initial purchase)! As a matter of fact, I'm going to pay a visit in a week to see if it's actually displayed or if that was another attempt to get us to spend some more.


Glamour Shots is a scam. It is a high pressure sales process that will stick you with a bill at the end and not refund any money if you are not satisfied with the product.

Stating--"You signed on the line".

It is not about the customer, it is about making money upfront and leaving you with a poor product. :(


Glamour Shots is a scam. It is a high pressure sales process that will stick you with a bill at the end and not refund any money if you are not satisfied with the product.

Stating--"You signed on the line".

It is not about the customer, it is about making money upfront and leaving you with a poor product. :(


its simple, you get what you pay for. do you hear ppl *** about how much they spent for a mercedes or a rolex?

no you do not.

these people knew what they were buying, nobody "makes" you buy anything. there are price lists, they disclosed prices before you gave them your credit card, so why are you crying now.


I've been there myself. Its only a matter of time before these people come under the strong hand of the law.

Their scam practices and pressure tactics must stop. I have heard so many bad reports of Glamour Shorts that it sickens me to the core.

I tell everyone not to go there. Stay away!!!


Being a photographer in a professional studio myself which has currently enlisted the help of a former Glamour shots employee...I do have to say....RIP OFF! I reviewed and edited an order today from a package that our "help" created...for what the customer got the price was OUTRAGEOUS.

I also had a faithful customer (we have been shooting her pictures from her engagement, wedding, maternity, and now first child) so distraught and upset from him pushing her so hard to UPSELL (she was already prepared to spend $400) her products she didnt want or need, that she gave up and left. He pushed another woman so hard she CRIED! I take pride in what I do and I want my customers happy.

I am the customer service representive and today he said (in not so many words) that my job was unnecessary. :(


This supposed customer was obviously part of the marketing team posting bogus reviews :roll BEWARE OF GLAMOUR SHOTS! They are an over-priced scam and will take your money and run. :(

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