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I wanted to get some pretty pictures of my daughter and a couple of me & her together. I seen a groupon promotion for $19.95 for 3 wardrobe changes & 40-50 shots & 1 8x10.

I printed 2 out because there was 2 of us. I told the woman that answered the phone. that I wanted mostly pictures of my daughter & a couple of us together. We got an apt.

fairly quick and went and had a pretty good time. photographer was great, hair stylist and make-up girls were very friendly. after all pictures were done we waited for them to be ready to view and pick ones we may want. it was the end of their business day so everyone else in store had gone home for the day.

I was offered the choice of 3 packages. lowest price being 350.00. I was not offered any other options. I picked out a 8x10 of me & daughter together.

an 8x10 of just her. the packages he offered also came with a couple 5x7's and disk with all original pictures on it. total for these was $1,177.88 that was credit extended to me and said I could pay in 2 payments.

I later found out there were other options for the picture packages that I was never told about. we also got charged for each of us separately, not as a family together as it should have been.

We had a good time & all the pictures of my daughter were great. I had asked for mine to be only from chest up as I was just to big as I felt to like to see all of me. but the photographer insisted on the full body poses. I think that going in debt $ 1,177.88 for a few pictures is completely ridiculous.

then I found out that the balance for them pictures was put on a credit card that they had me sign and open. I have no credit cards and do not owe any money other than my home mortgage and I never would have opened a credit card account to pay for some cotton picking pictures. I did not need the copyrights to these darn things either. that option was never even mentioned to me.

I feel really taken advantage of and ripped off. Why did I not ask questions and find out more options? I had a really bad car accident a couple years ago where I hit a tree, broke many bones and received a TBI (traumatic brain injury) where I have had to learn how to walk all over again just as a baby learns to walk for the first time. so I do not think very well on the spot.

things have gotten a bit slower for me since then. I feel I and everyone should be giving ALL the options for buying their pictures, then choose.

I do not need and do not want the copyrights to them either. why was I not given that option?????????????

Reason of review: scammed, ripped off, taken advantage of.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Zion, Illinois, United States #915506

I think this women was taken advantage of, obviously if she has a brain injury. Put a stop charge on the card they opened for you and report them to the BBC.

It sounds to me like they may have noticed your disability and Tolkien advantage of it, shame on them.

You most certainly CAN NOT find their pricing online and when you purchase a group on, you should be given THAT product.

If she took pictures with her daughter, they could of been kind, you know hoping for repeat business and waived the second sitting fee. This is horrible of them

And no, that is NOT comparable to other photographers, even here in the Chicago area, and I happen to know some pretty *** good ones.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #894659


I'm never going there now. I'll get my own photography session with my own Victoria Secret clothing for my man do my own hair and have just as much fun!!!

Marietta, Georgia, United States #864129

I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. They are so many companies that attract consumers with false promises of good deals and then when you go there, they make you feel excited, you find a person who is a good salesman that will talk you into things you do not want or cannot afford, without giving you details.

Plain and simple lack of integrity.

You probably can also go to BBB online and place a complaint which they will follow up for you and probably can cancel the charges, but you need to make sure you answer every email that BBB send you, on time. Hoping you the best.


By the way, Glamour Shots didn't take advantage of you. You should have done some home work on this before making the appointment.

Almost everybody knows Glamour Shots is expensive, and you should have been more firm in what you wanted for portraits. The reason you weren't priced as a family is probably because you had two of the coupons, which very likely meant you were two individuals.


Apparently you have never been aware of what Glamour shots costs. That being said call other photographers in your area and using what you bought at Glamour Shots to go buy tell them what you want in poses, and how many of each size portrait you want, and see what they would charge, I bet it would be about the same, minus the cost of the make over that glamour Shots does.

You could have got a good idea of prices from their web site.

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