My granddaughter and I had our pictures taken at the SI Mall - I thought it was going to be a memorable occasion; we were smiles when we left, but the outcome was absolutely disasterous. I waited well over a month for the pictures without a call back, then did not get what I ordered...just laughs and lies from the rude girls from behind the counter.

I called and called, but never a call back to rectify the matter. When I did finally speak with someone, I just got nonsense and nasty remarks.

And to top it off, the photos I did get were blurry. TOTALLY DISSATISFIED!!!!!

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Staten Island, New York, United States #1253233

Hi! We have a new Staten Island location and new ownership, staff ect.

Would you like a gift card for a new session?

Please email CLovello1@aol.com with name and mailing address or email address so we can send it to you. :)

Tampa, Florida, United States #584053

PRICES are OUTRAGEOUS! And how do you say NO after you spent hours doing hair, make up and photos?

And they looked good to me (some were overly edited, but all in all, the pics looked good). I just didn't understand how they can get away with charging $200 per sheet. I left with a CD of 6 jpgs for almost $600. Can you IMAGINE?!

JPGS!!! Not even actual PRINTS!

I just don't know how they stay in business. I figure if we can get the word out there, maybe eventually they WILL.

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