My hair was almost to my waist and I wanted a trim. I left with EXTREEMLY uneven hair and she cut it almost all the way to my shoulders!

I had chunks of hair that were about a half inch longer than the rest. My friend couldn't believe I wasn't going back to have them fix it but I wasn't going to let her touch my hair again. I was in tears absolutely awful! Even my brothers were like why didn't you stop her.

She showed me at the beginning of the apt how much she was going to cut off and then cut off an additional 6 inches or so.


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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #593165

been to glamour shots in the valley & now green bay & would'nt go any other place . they always are very concerned as to getting my family exactly what i want.


i can't believe the time they spend on every session...its not a quick in & out thing like most other places. i will always recommend them & continue to go there.bob & joan have owned the wisconsin stores for over 18 years & always run a top notch biz

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #593160

interesting......have used glamour shots again & again.........they always have done an awesome job...........& whats interesting is , they don't cut hair ...........they only style it & all there stylist in wisconsin are seasoned well schooled .............unless you go to a " glamour shot " wannabe

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